South Lake Union

Our neighborhood: South Lake Union

Living in South Lake Union affords awesome opportunities for explorations near and far. Life at Fox & Finch supports, however, you do you and encourages your freedom to do so in a celebratory fashion, with enthusiasm and panache.

Calm Your Domain

Access and circulation in and around South Lake Union makes the immediate vicinity of Fox & Finch a destination for work and play, day or night. With proximity to an amazing range of services, abundant entrepreneurial spirit, recreational and fitness activities, and the myriad of cultural and entertainment pursuits that downtown Seattle neighborhoods have to offer, it is one of the most navigable and desirable locations to call your home.

Strike a Balance

Whatever your thoughts on community, South Lake Union is truly in the early stages of defining its voice. Make your mark or enjoy the view. This is where you choose your own adventure, freeing flights of fancy or a strategic elimination of obstacles to your satisfaction.

Access to it All

A short commute or healthy walk from Fox & Finch can deliver our residents to top Seattle attractions. South Lake Union provides specially tailored access to the best of what Seattle has to offer. A dedicated streetcar, a RapidRide bus line, mostly flat grades and excellent bike lanes, just to name a few.

Prime access to:

  • The Seattle Center Attractions & Space Needle
  • Olympic Sculpture Park
  • The Seattle Waterfront
  • Pike Place Market
  • South Lake Union Park
  • Downtown central business and retail districts
  • Endless number of restaurants, nightlife, and conveniences

525 Boren Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109, USA